Cluch provides unparalleled opportunities for all clubs and their communities and aims to provide greater exposure to community sport that will showcase the talent and passion at the local level.

Every stream helps grassroots sporting clubs and organisations in their efforts to grow and develop towards the elite level.

Our goal is simple: help the athlete in all of us. Now that's Cluch.

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Cluch exists to help all athletes, teams and clubs achieve success by providing exposure and game insights previously limited to the absolute elite.

Club Focus - In Grassroots Sports


We strive to bring the sporting community together through not only livestreaming but also events (with the use of virtual technology) to support clubs at the local level.

Innovation - through livestream analysis


We are proud to be pushing the boundary between the space where community sport currently exists in the market and where it can be in relation to professional sport. We are constantly innovating and finding new ways to take sport to the next level.

Cluch employee at work on their laptopCamera operator filming a sports event in a swimming pool
Photo of Cluch team at a sports venueCamera operator filming a sports event in a swimming poolCluch employee at work on their laptop
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